Why did I become a Software Developer

Why did I become a Software Developer

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·Aug 24, 2022·

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"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

Curiosity led me everywhere.

I always wanted to make stuff, fix, build or invent something. Growing up, If I wasn't trying to fix a Faulty Electronic, I was trying to build an RC Car/Aeroplane, in another case, studying how some of my electronic toys were built.

Over the years, I have moved from wanting to be a Doctor, Pilot, Story Writer, Mechanical engineer, or Electrical Engineer to becoming a Software Development.

I was exposed to computers very early. Learned Chess with my own laptop at age 7 and had a Symbian Phone by 11.

My Discovery

I discovered how to create WAP SITES in 2010 using a sort of CMS called Wapka while downloading games on waptrick and I wrote my first lines of codes using my Nokia Phone. Over time, I will go online and research site designs I could replicate on my wap site, write them on a book, and retype them on my site as Nokia didn’t support Copy and paste.

After my Basic Education, I enrolled to learn Computer Hardware and Bucky Roberts who was the popular Youtube Tutor at the time. I got many of his courses.

I gradually discovered Ethical Hacking, learned about Linux, and read the books of Kevin Mitnick.

Spend most of my time learning about any programming language I found online and studied Ethical Hacking, and experimented with SQL injections and Phishing attacks.

Without Direction, I quickly drifted into Digital Marketing, Blogging, and SEO. Worked as an SEO manager for an Entertainment blog in 2016 and built three unsuccessful blogs in Entertainment, Education, and Tech.

Tech Community & I

Discovered GDG Lafia in 2018 from their WTM lead, Ruth Samuel and I rediscovered my interest in Development, I attended DevFest that year and started following developer communities very closely, asking questions, seeking guides, and enrolling in programs.

GADS, ALC, and other programs in 2019 gave me the direction I needed. Over time, I was in my little ways teaching others what I knew and giving back to the ecosystem.

Now, I co-lead OSCA Abuja, FoF Abuja, GDG Gwags, and GDSC IMAP, and I contribute to other communities and others.

I now Code, write content, and organize and speak at events about codes.

Not in my best place yet, I want to transition into a more Technical Writing or Developer Advocacy Role. I also want to be a platform that provides more innovative ways to learn coding and land jobs. Might take a while but will get there.

Thank you for reading.

NB: This article was published as my #week1 article for the Hashnode #4articles4weeks Writeathon.

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