The World of Python; an introduction.

The World of Python; an introduction.

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Python is a relatively simple programming language that doesn't require previous experience with any other language. It is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability. It’s a dynamically typed language and multi-paradigm that is, it supports structured, object-oriented, and functional programming.


  • Python was released in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum, it was further improved and a new version was released on October 16, 2000, with features like cycle Detecting, garbage collector, and Unicode support.

  • Python is a community-based language and updates/changes are made through Python Enhancement Proposals.

  • Python 3 was released on December 3, 2008, and was a backward-incompatible version, Although recent updates have been backported to becoming compatible with python 2.6 and python 2.7.

  • Python is currently at 3.9.0.

Historical usage of Python Programming

  • 1999, Python was used for industrial lights and special effects on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

  • Further in 1999, Red Hat Linux Installer, Anaconda was built with python.

  • In 2003, Python was used in building Blender 2.26 Addons.

  • in 2011, Google App Engine was built and Python was the first language for building its App.

Python Philosophy

The Zen of Python or Python is a collection of 19 guiding principles that influence the design of the Python programming language. it makes python a really interesting language to learn, It speaks about clean, readable, and simple codes.

  1. Beautiful is better than ugly
  2. Explicit is better than implicit
  3. Simple is better than complex
  4. Complex is better than complicated

    More on the Zen of Python

Tony Hoare said

There are two ways to write code. Write code so simple, there are obviously no buys in it, or write code so complex, there are no obvious bugs in it.

Usage of Python Programming

  • Linux Scripting and Administration
  • Web Development
  • Application Scripting
  • Data Science and a lot more.

That would be all for now, I will be writing on Python Syntax in my next article. Stick Around.

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