History and How-to for the Game of Chess

History and How-to for the Game of Chess

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The Prestigious Game of Chess historically can be traced back to 1500 Years ago. A notable precursor to chess originated in India during the Gupta Empire, India in the 6th century, and found its way to Persia (Modern Day Iran).


After the conquest of Persia by the Arabs, It dominated the Muslim communities and the Moorish conquest of Spain led to its spread across southern Europe. Although, in Russia, it spread from the khanates to the south of Russia.

Initially, Chess started with the king, Minister, elephant, horse, chariot, and FootSoldier in the same order in which the modern game has King, Queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pawn.

The game has one king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and 8 pawns for each player. A total of 32pieces.

The Persian word Shah which means king now comes as Check which means your king is under direct attack and CheckMate which means Game over was Shah Mat.



The moves of the pieces were changed in Europe in the 15th century leading the what we have as Modern Chess.

The Second half of the 19th century saw the advancement of the modern chess tournament, the first Chess Clock in 1883 and the First World Championship in 1886.

The 20th Century brought about more advancement to the chess theory, the World Chess Federation, Programs that played chess, and DataBase became important for studying


The Pawn can take one or two steps at a time forward from its initial position and takes only one step a time afterward, it is capable of capturing a piece one step ahead in a diagonal position.


The Knight Moves in an L format, two-step and one to the left in all directions and captured the same way.


The Bishop moves diagonally left and right and captured the same way, One bishop is usually on black and the other on yellow(or white, some boards)


The Rook moves in a straight line in all directions and captured the same way.


The Queen moves both diagonally like the Bishop and Vertically and horizontally like the Rook


The King must always be saved so it is not allowed to go far. So it takes only one step in any direction and should only be moved when required. also has a special move called Castle where it switches position with any of the Yet unmoved Rook


Subsequently, I will be talking about Various Gambits and Where to learn Chess. Stick around.

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Source: Wikipedia and Personal Experience.

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